looking to do a RIP solo which one would be the easiest Holy Wars (all 3) Tornado or Lucretia? I tried Tornado but it is pretty hard esp the end.
Whichever one you feel you are the least rusty at []

/bad joke
I'd say Take No Prisoners is the easiest on the album...
Out of those 3, Lucretia is the easiest. And IMO the 2nd best sounding, behind Tornado.

Well done on picking a great album though

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I think Holy Wars has the tastiest, Marty's solos that is. I do like Master of 5 Magics too.
Hanger 18 is cool too, wow I like all of them. I wore out that CD learning some of those solos/songs years ago. Marty is such an awesome guitar player. He really opened some eyes with that CD too. Talk about precise solo playing, Marty means business.
Lucretia is definitely the easiest. Tornado is the hardest, but it's the best for sure. I would say work on Tornado. It will take some time, but if you can pull it off, it will sound awesome.
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marty`s solos on holy wars are pretty easy,if you can sweep pick of course!
the first one involves some sweeps,the second is just a nice phrasing.
I think the classical riff sounds awesome in the Holy Wars break too. Have not seen anyone on youtube pull that one off clean, let alone the 2 solos he does. They try, but fail to even close.