So i own a cheap squire p bass that i want to turn into a fretless and i was wondering if a fender branded neck would fit. yes i know the relations of fender and squire but i just want to be sure, since i dont know if they are the exact same design also is this the recommend thing to do when you want a fretless or is it recommended to just get a new bass alltogether?
Although, if you get a new neck, and you want to go back to fretted, it's a helluva lot easier than re fretting one.
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I defretted my warlock, put wood filler in the fret grooves, sanded the neck, and put on a wood stain and the neck looks badass!
Did the defretting.
It's really easy, just don't do it with your feet.


It might sound simpler to buy a ready made... but remember to buy it finished, as finishing a neck is a whole lot harder than defretting!

I have a wonderful Warmoth neck, and it is a work of art! Wenge = No finishing required.