A week ago I got the Foxrox Wah Retrofit. It's something with 4 wires you put in your wah so it's supposed to make it work in front of a fuzz. I was just waiting for my DPDT switch to arrive so I could finally install it and enjoy the sound of fuzz and wah together. Let me just say that it didn't happen. How the hell can you sell something like that and don't feel guilty at night? It just doesn't work (my wiring is like it's supposed to be). There is still no sweep on the wah and this atrocious sound with the heel down. It works on clean but it worked on clean before 45 USD. VERY disappointed. I truly hope it's broken so the guy can send me another one that works. Oh actually there is a good side, you can use the trimpot to boost the volume....which is quite useless compared to being able to use my wah with fuzz like I should. If anybody had any similar experience feel free to help me.

FOR THE LAZY HOW DON'T WANT TO READ: People asked me to tell how it goes with the Foxrox Wah Retrofit. It's sh*t.
I e-mailed Dave. I tried to replace the battery inside and stil the same problem. Hope he e-mail me back... I e-mailed him two times and got no answer in the past.