So i bought an epiphone les paul standard plus top. had it for about 4-5 months. last week, it started happening.

i noticed a drop in the output of the treble pickup. ON CLEAN the rhythm pup is full bodied and loud but the treble sounds thin and almost half as loud. ON OD, the difference is evened out and the difference in clean output is not apparent.

This all started about 1 month after my purchase when i noticed that sometimes when i switched pups, the output in the treble pickup would drop, like it is now. except now its all the time. before i could flip the toggle switch repeatedly to fix the output. the momentary output drop when toggling first occured in the rhythm then in the treble.

i opened up the cavities on the toggle switch and the controls. tapped around to see if it was a loose solder. but i DID NOTHING to the wiring. mines hairier than i thought it would be. couldnt find a loose solder. when i popped the covers back on, the permanent treble output decrease started.

and now im wondering what i should do.

should i take it in to the repair shop? if so, what do i tell them?

is it fixible myself? i can solder. i built a small amp recently.

what do you guys think it is? loose solder? a broken toggle switch? something wrong with the treble pup? the pots?

thanks in advance!!
Dude, this is a bad thing you're doing.
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Do NOT shotgun the forums, repeating your threads.

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I would replace the pots and caps first, maybe make sure the switch functions as that particular switch should.

Also it would be good to refer to the pickups as where they are located- bridge mid neck or so, rather than 'the treble pickup'