Just put a new pickup in, not sure on the wiring and i may have to change it but...
How do you tell if each individual pickup is functioning? Like the two different ones in a humbucker. I run my pick in front of them now as a test on the strings and get the harmonic type sounds, but one Blade isnt putting out those harmonics, the one closest to the bridge. Its a dimebucker and the top blade works with my test but not the bottom.

My testing technique solid enough? Or is there a better way.
Ok i guess i will rephrase the question.

How can i test if both blades in a humbucker are functioning?
Play the guitar.

When I rewire, first I plug it into a tuner, If it gets a signal I know I wired right. Then I plug it into an amp. If there's alot of buzzing, probably a grounding issue.

Also if one of your blades isn't working you would get the 60 cycles hum of a strat. This is only possible to screw up with 4 conductor wire pickup.
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The Seymour Duncan color code is: black = hot, green & bare = ground and for regular humbucker wiring the red & white are wired together and taped off. If you want to split it the red & white go to the push/pull pot or switch your using to split it.

You can tap the blade with a screw driver with your guitar plugged into your amp. If you hear the tapping through your amp you wired it right.
Yeah thanks zac wylde fan. I figured it out. I thought it was wrong because its not much different then my stock pickup. The dimebucker was a waste of money. The inf 4 was about as good. Dimebucker is slightly crunchier and pulls out harmonics a little easier. Only differences between them i've noticed.