Hello my fellow UGers...i'm here today to ask you more experienced guys to tab some McFLY songs for me to play for myself and my girlfriend, i've gotten into the pop band because of her and now i can't deny i'm a fan, still, with the whole I LOVE THE BEATLES, ZEPPELIN AND METALLICA, BUT ALSO MCFLY talk, i'd like to ask you to guys to tab some songs off their first album Room on the 3rd floor for me, since you just can't find some tabs for the lead guitar parts of theses songs..they are:

Hypnotised (The lead part which plays all the fiddles and doo doos in the song, and a guitar version of the harmonica tab would be a HUGE plus.)

Saturday Night(Lead)

Down By the lake (everything, since there isn't a decent tab)

Met This Girl (Everything, no tab in the site)

Room on the 3rd floor (it's capo 4, and i know the chords, but the lead part is awful tricky to get by ear.)

That'd be it...I accept both text and guitar pro tabs, I really aprecciate in advance if anyone is willing to tab songs like that, which the very hardcore UGers probably despise..
Up, even though I believe i'll never get a reply that's not from a flamer