So I was thinking about trying the AX84 P1 project, but I don't really have a good source of income right now. I was thinking this would be cheaper and more fun than just buying an amp, but the kit on doberman amps for the project is $205 which I don't have right now, and I think I could just buy an amp at around that price that would be more reliable.

anyway, the point of this thread: how much would it cost if I bought all the materials myself instead of buying the doberman kit? would it be cheaper to find and buy all the parts myself? and if so, how much cheaper?

the bill of materials is on the 4th page here http://www.ax84.com/static/p1/AX84_P1_080708.pdf

yea, I figured that. anybody else?

I really need to get a decent practice amp first if this is gonna cost that much. I'll probably just wait til I've got a job, already bought a good practice amp, and got the beast ass custom carvin I want more than anything before I do this… so it'll be a while unless I luck out and find all the more expensive parts for really cheap

edit: If I built my own chassis how much would that drop the cost?
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I think like 30 bucks if you didn't include the chassis. When you order there's a bunch of options you select. Check it out and see how cheap it can be.
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bout tree fitty.

by the time you add up all the extra shipping costs to buy the parts here there and everywhere, you might save a little. or you might pay a bit more.
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One thing not mentioned is the cost of tooling to punch your own chassis, which I guarantee is more than the $30.
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