Hey guys I'm selling this great multifx/recording interface because I have the G9.2TT and it's silly to have both multifx units.

Anyhow, perfect condition, great sound. Look it up in google for specs.

Sale only. 165 Shipped via FedEx. I know the price has lowered now in stores but when i bought it it sold for 300 bucks.

Let me know, thanks

Only serious people please

Willing to negotiate price... REALLY need the money right now

Hit me up with offers, we might be able to work on price.

Also would like to trade for some sort of ipod, thanks!

Weird, I didn't get it.. Shoot me an email:

kingpin911 at comcast dot net
Great deal! Thanks, it's exactly what I'd hope it would be. I was interested mostly in the clean sounds, since 90% of the time it'll be used with my electronic bagpipes, but my acoustic sound pretty sweet through it too.

Thanks again!
Thanks to you Bill, I'm glad you liked it.
I love the Zoom G series, really worth the money.

Hope to deal with you again in the future!