Hi. I'm in the market for a new amp and need some help. I need an amp for playing metal. Im looking to spend around $500 but may be willing to go higher. I wanna get a metallica esque tone or close to it. I don't really like using amp distortion because

1) I don't like the tone as much as pedals
2) I've had problems with switching channels and versatility of sounds

So I need either an amp with great cleans that can take pedals really well (eventually something like the boss gt-10) or I need something that has really good built in distortion that can get a metallica tone and has a structure like: 3 channels #1 a good clean channel, #2 a crunchy rythm channel good for chunky metal riffs & #3 a channel good for solos and all channels work independantly and are footswitchable.

Thank you, hope this all makes sense.
with your budget and the stuff you are looking for Modeling Amps is the way to go.

I suggest looking for a USED Flextone or maybe even a Vetta.
if you want to go NEW i suggest going for the Tube Vypyr
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Amp Distortion is usually better than pedal distortion on Tube amps. The reverse is usually true with SS heads. I do the later, being a SS player, ATM. I run my pedals through the clean channel on my Fender Head and it sounds great. But everytime I hear a JCM or a Mesa spitting nastiness across the stage I get a woody for tubes.

My sudgesstion is to look for a good combo.

Here are the GG&A stock questions -

Whats the budget: Approx 500

Will you Gig with this/are your a bedroom player: ??

Stylings: Metallica Crunch

I hear great things about the Blackstar HT-5. Lots of people have them here. Thats one to look into if you dont need to gig with it. But hey, Ive never giged with it, maybe it freakin rocks up there!
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I have a Peavey Bandit 112 combo that takes pedals really well. It is for sale. Research it some and PM me if you want.
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If you are just practicing then an HT-5 would be perfect for you. They are pretty versatile and they do need a pedal to do metal-type gain. I sent one back because it wasn't for me but it's a really great amp... I just prefer gain on tap rather than pedals. They are $400 USD and then you could buy a good distortion/OD pedal for $100-ish.


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For now i'm just in my room, but Id like something that has enough power and volume to be heard over a drum set and could be used for atleast a small gig cuz i hope to eventually expand my horizons. And I haven't really cared for the modeling amps i've tried. They just sound thin and weak.
I just purchased a spider valve 212 last night off craigslist. zzounds.com has them for $500. This is the loudest, most kick ass amp I have ever owned. Lots of sounds in it, and if you hate them you can just plug into the back using your own pedals of choice and bypass the spider crap. I'm serious. I cranked this thing today at lunch and my family ran for cover. It rocked.
Thanks for the ideas. I'll definatly be checking these out. Something else I was thinking was just gettin one of those crate powerblocks since it has no effects built in, i figured it'd be a great blank canvas, and just plugging in my distortion pedal (eventually a multi-effects pedal) into it. Any ideas on that?

And I was also checking out the randall rm100c http://www.randallamplifiers.com/Amplifiers/MTS-Combos/
I liked how it has independant channels and is foot-switchable and tube powered and also the whole module thing to swap out sounds so I could even buy the kirk hammett modules. Not entirely sure what price it is though.
Any thoughts on these two different approaches i've thought of would be extremely appreciated.