My best friend has an ibanez grg170dx and whenever it gets plugged in it makes a terrible feedback with or without distortion. It's not the cable because we have tested three different ones, it's not the amp either becasue we already tested three and it's not the pickups (i dont think) because we turned the volume konb on the guitar all the way down. I also tried my noise supressor which did nothing.

The feedback also seems to get a bit better when you hold the patch cord where it plugs into his guitar.
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losse input jack??
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could be a wire in the input jack or your amp, check if its the amp if not take it to a shop, i had this problem it was the input
Is he using any pedals?
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Also if you're using pedals, make sure that the cords are going in the right way (Like you're not putting the amp cord where the guitar goes) because that can cause a feedbackish sound (though its not)
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