Pretty generic, but I think it's pulled off well.

Not too sure about the dissonant breakdown. Give me your opinions people.

Thanks gaiz, C4C if I have time

EDIT: Oh, it's kind of unfinished.. I'm not ending the song like that, dun werry gaiz.

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I liked the intro. The melody in the second bar was nice.

A - It was alright it felt a little to generic for me, like i heard it somewhere else.

B - I really liked the feel in this, it had a cool rhythm.

? - I guess that was a breakdown thing?? lol idk it was cool.

Solo - It was pretty cool i like how you rang it out and the other guitar played over it.

D - was cool it lead into the breakdown.

E - I wasn't really liking the dissonance in it but, It may fit.

G - Unexpected! lol i liked it a lot though lol

H - Pretty cool moshing part, i could see a lot of people liking that and flying around in the pit.

Pretty good over all 7.5/10
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Hey man, thanks for the crit on Rip in Time.

A/intro - Meh, its ok. I like the octaves though

B - Liked this part, pretty generic metalcore but it had a nice flow to it.

? (bar 35) - fav. out of the song so far, metalcore breakdowns haha, what can I say, I'm a sucker for breakdowns when pulled off good. It needs work but its a breakdown.

The solo was pretty good my friend, its nicely paced and I love what you did w/ bar 51 onwards w/ the notes ringing out and the 2nd lead coming in, sweet!

Bar 83, loving this part w/ the bassline and double bass. Definitely a highlight for me.

The actual breakdown I didn't like as much as the first one (pre solo).

G - haha, so generic! Reminds me a lot of all shall perish (especially bar 126).

H - can't say I liked it too much but then again I don't listen to metalcore (anymore), when the double bass comes in though I can see a huge group of ppl moshing so kudos for that.

Overall its a very mundane generic metalcore song but its got some catchy hooks to it, 6/10 overall but I'd give this a nice 8.5/10 for a metalcore song.
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UPDATE! Added epic outro and made some small changes!

kyledm, anything I can crit?
We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
Critting as I listen.
Intro is alright, nothing special, but it works. I like the drums. You did a good job with the drums. The guitar riff is good too. B is a really cool riff, I like that! Next part (?) is ok, it's just a bit boring. Solo sounds good. I like how E comes in. E itself is really cool as well. There's a lot going on in here, not just the breakdown, which makes it very interesting to listen to. Honestly, I like the breakdown at G, just not the transition into it. The transition into H was really weird, idk just in my opinion. It's a cool section though. Again, the transition into B was kinda weird. I think the main thing that could use work on is the transitions into certain parts. Outro was cool, I liked it. Overall, it was very interesting. Just those transitions. Very good song though! 7.5/10

c4c either one works
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I was away for a week.. and I just updated. So I'm bumping this in case I can get a few more crits . Get back to you when school allows me !
We can only guffaw at all the humbug we are told about martyrs.
Remove the breakdown and you have yourself a pretty nice song. Wasn't a fan of B btw. Felt it to be too same-ish and simplistic.

Aside from that, nice song!

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1198062
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Intro: Pretty cool; sets a nice mood.

A: Also pretty cool; so far, so good.

B: It sounds cool, but the rhythm seems a bitt off because of the hammeron from 7 to 8

?: A nice little breakdown; probably shouldn't repeat though.

C: Not a bad solo.

D: Nice.

E: I can't really say I like this much; it's like you put it in just because you thought you should have a breakdown.

F: I like this.

G: This seems to have some rhythmic issues, and isn't really original in any way.

H: Pretty cool, but doesn't fit in place.

B: Again pretty cool.

C2: Not bad.

J: This part is good.

Epic outro: Doesn't fit, but it's really good.

Overall, you have a lot of cool parts in this, but they don't really fit together; it doesn't feel as much like a song as a medley.

C4C? It's the link in my sig.
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