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Ibanez ART100 Left
12 39%
ESP LTD M-100FM Left
11 35%
Epiphone G-400 Left
8 26%
None of the above, but if u choose this one u have to supply a different choice.
0 0%
Voters: 31.
ok ive got my mind pretty much set on these three guitars.
Ibanez ART100 Left ------- $350
ESP LTD M=100FM Left -------$350
Epiphone G-400 Left (SG) -------$365

the prices dont matter clearly cuz its $15, watever. the only one ive tried tho is the epi sg, and it feels really comfortable to stand up with, not so much sitting down but watever, tone is very good and it looks really nice. but the reviews for the others are very good. so im stuck wat do u guys think?
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I vote the epi just because i have experience with one, and you said yourself its comfortable to play with (standing up at least). Id grab that one, unless you can play the other two. If you can play the other two, then decide.
I will have to vote AGAINST the epi cuz almost all epis in that price range are garbage. Normally I would recommend the LTD but the floyd at this price will definitely be a hassle. Go with the ibanez. Other than those three you could get the les paul shape you want out of the ibanez and instead go with an EC series LTD or go with the MH-NT series if you want a superstrat shape. Just dont get an epiphone.
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i'd say the epi
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epi's are always horrible, no matter how high the class they are they are always horrible, i love ESP, so the LTD is perfect
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I would go with the Ibanez ART100, just because I know Ibanez's quality control is better than most.
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I'd take Ibanez anyday. Ive got small fingers and most ESPs have really jumbo frets so using an Ibanez with medium frets is a lot more comfortable (for me anyway). And you are guaranteed quality with the Ibanez, some epiphones lack in quality, it all depends
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epi's are always horrible, no matter how high the class they are they are always horrible, i love ESP, so the LTD is perfect

Wrong. The Epiphone Elitist were nice.
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Epis generally are pretty unreliable and i dont have much experience with LTD so il go with the ibanez

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are there any good guitars tht would be somewhat easy to flip upside down?
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TS, If you want the ibanez... i found a pretty good deal on ebay looking it up to see what it looks like. i think its $325 with free shipping. PM me if you want link
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Wrong. The Epiphone Elitist were nice.

And at least $1700 for a Korean guitar.
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i've tried the ART and the SG, imo i liked the ART a lot better. it's also more versatile to me atleast. i've never tried any LTD's but try it out and see how you like it. what styles do you play?
People who say all epis are complete **** are wrong and have no idea what they are talking about. Saying all of them is **** is a lie, and they need to get out of there little dream world. Epiphone has some very nice guitars and that particular epi is very nice. But if you can go down to your local GC and play all three thats your best bet. Make the decision then.
I have an Epiphone that sounds great, I really don't know why people bash them.

TS: Play them. If you can't decide between them (which you should be able too), bring an experienced musician, let them decide which sounds the best.
I can't rly just go down to my local gc cuz I'm in Canada, in Vancouver I hv long and mcquades out here but no GC's and long and mcquade don't carry ESP's and I only go down to GC a few times a year unfortunately, and next time I'm going is in October to get a new guitar and my parents hate GC so they make me decide b4 and then make a final desicion at GC. So I hv no idea what to do.

Oh and are there any good guitars tht I could flip upside down? Jimi style, I know u guys r guna give me flak for this but I'm rly taking a liking to some Squier guitars, like the ssh tele and the jagmaster and a few other strats
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