So I got in my MXR 10 band eq today. slapped it into the loop of my carvin and played around with it for a bit. and god damn did it make a world of difference. even just the slight tweaking i did opened the amp right up. So glad I bought it.

while I'm at it I might as well mention all the other pedals I got recently. I got 3 pedals from cmatmods. I got his signa drive, brownie, and his clean boost. First I gotta say the guy who runs cmatmods is a great guy, super nice, always responds very quickly to any questions, and he does quality work for amazing prices. His name is Chad and his definately a cool dude.

Signa drive is awesome. Its like a tubescreamer kind of OD with a switch for 3 different voicings. down is like a tubescreamer kind of tone, the middle is nice clean kinda boost, and the up is like wide open and gives a very percussive sound. Love this thing to death.

brownie is kinda like a high gain od in my opinion. though its supposed to be a distortion kind of pedal I guess. anyway its supposed to nail the 'brown' sound of the 80's of bands like van halen. which it does and more in my opinion.

clean boost i havent tried out yet.


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Nice! HNPD! Been trying to get a 1o band myself..
If you start a reply with: I have never played one but I have heard good things about it! Your opinion is invalid.

I'll be picking up an MXR 10-band real soon, should really help get the best out of what I have.

Anywho, nice collection!