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Here's a question that probably seems wierd coming from one with a signup date such as myself... lol. (like that matters )

When I took a close look at my posture for barre chords, I found that I'm bending my wrist to achieve the barre - not a good thing here. Now here's the problem, I can not seem to achieve a clean barre if I alighn my arm and wrist right (straight from elbow to first knuckle according to Freepower's posture video). How do you keep proper posture while achieving a clean barre? This is particularly troublesome with the open G form (320003) moved up and barred... Though it happens with every barre I try. Is there a way to do this at all?
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whichever way is most comfortable. the wrist shouldnt be wrenched in 90+ degrees angles, but a little bending is natural.
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I have small hands and pretty much find it near impossible to bar without my wrist being bent like crazy. That even goes for playing on the 6th string, its just what I have to deal with. I just try to keep my posture and everything as good as I can within my limits, im not going to quit playing because I cant physically keep my wrist straight all the time, or that I cant wrap my thumb around the neck and fret a note etc.

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my wrist is usually around 45 degrees off the fretboard and my bare chords sound fine
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