Which one? In the early days he played a Rickenbacker something or other, then around '65 he switched to an Epiphone Casino.
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which one? John Lennon fucked a lot of guitars over the years, even had kids with a few of them.
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The Casino was the later years. You can buy a replica of it.
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VoodooChild's got it right

started with some acoustic

got a golden rickenbacker, painted it black. he's most famous for that one-he used it for most of his performances

experimented with guitars in studio

when he was playing rhythm in studio he usually was using an epiphone casino
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He named it Paul
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Thanks guys. Yeah I shoulda been more specific. I think it was the epiphone I'm thinking of.
I should also point out that page doesn't have all of the ones he used. Just the kinda signature models. The only other one I can think of was the Rickenbacker he used