"Jeff, last night was amazing. I can't wait to meet you again. I only hope that we can keep this a secret. I love you"

Then add a comment like "OH MY GOD this is public? Please people, how do I delete this?"

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i'll just go ahead and post the image, instead of just a link.

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... AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, did not see that coming.

Edit: explanation, I was reading something about not being able to Google Refurbished Dildos, so I thought to myself, what could be so bad about that. Never did though.
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D.A.N. says:
Ugh, Wii Play just surpassed Nintendogs as the best selling video game ever.
At least Nintendogs was a good game. X_X
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My online SAT practice essay hahaa

The world is constantly evolving, and with new technological developments come new skills that are necessary in the workplace. Despite new technology, interpersonal communications are the most valuable job skills. This can be seen in the medical, business, and teaching professions.
In the medical field, technology is flourishing. Although there are now new and innovative machines being used to assess patient condition, communication with the patient is most important. For example, although an electrocardiogram is an effective method of monitoring heart rate and rhythm to diagnose a heart attack, the decision to transport a patient to the hospital by an EMT can be made within seconds of arrival on scene. As soon as a trained EMT walks through the door, he or she can already tell that the patient is going through cardiac arrest by the look on their face, the body position their in, and by the warm and diapharetic condition of the skin. If EMTs were not taught this critical skill of communication with the patient, then they would have to wait until a paramedic could take an electrocardiogram in order to diagnose a life threatening heart condition.
One of the most famous examples of technology use in the business field are computerized stock updates. Almost every person who has watched the news has witnessed a stream of statistics scrolling across the bottom of their television screen. Although such technology is both important and convenient, it still cannot replace interpersonal communications. Businessmen are constantly communicating, whether it be face to face, on the phone, or by email. If businessmen were one day told that they could not talk or write anymore, the world market would go into turmoil, as it is impossible to conduct business transactions without communication. This is especially evident in negotiations with foreign companies. In such negotiations, a translator is just as important as the businessmen themselves. Without communication, there would be no business.
While it is possible to receive an adequete education by reading the right books, unless the one reading is a genius, they most likely will not fully understand the material. This is where the role of a teacher comes in. A teacher is critical in the education proccess, because the absence of one is synonymous with the absence of grasping the material. Most classtime is spent talking. These interpersonal communications allow students to pose questions, and allow the teacher or professor to effectively explain the answer to the students. Communications are so important in the education system that without communications, there would be no need for teachers, which form the foundation of the learning system.
The most successful professionals on this planet, whether they be doctors, businessmen, or teachers, would be unable to perform their jobs without interpersonal communications. Communications make medical diagnosis, business negotiations, and explaining material easier. A profession can be performed without the newest technology and technological skills, but no job can be performed successfully without communication.
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