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I'm back from vacations ( again ) and I believe I'm owing some crits, but I'm not sure. Anyway, if that's the case just pm me. I think this needs a lot of work, but it was made ots, so I think it isn't going anywhere. ( I think )

Chapter Z and an Epilogue

Chapter Z

“Fight for your dreams, my son.”
he said, then passed away holding my arm,
like an overused Hollywood phrase
meant to touch hearts and fade out,
leaving a moral for life with death.
“Funny thing” – I thought;
I never imagined I would hear anything
so any-aged melodramatic.
I reacted coldly, even disinterestedly,
without tears to hold back
and without any doubt
that this was his time.

I passed my left index-finger on my right eye
and my left thumb on my left one,
maybe to check that my vision was clear and dry.
However, I kept holding his hand,
knowing I could let it go
and it wouldn’t make a difference.
But in that moment
I swear I could feel his minimized soul,
powerless after succumbing to a struggle
that was effortless for a long time,
entering by my right palm
and carrying its path through my wrist,
across my veins, on its way
to the angel on my right shoulder
that lacked a voice of conscience himself
and seemed to take more advices
from the devil on the other side.
I swear I saw it stealing the angel’s halo
while golden feathers emerged from its back;
new born wings that spread a baby’s scent.
Unknown to the art of flight,
I swear I felt it climbing my neck,
holding on to my hair
and sitting on my right ear.

My younger sister entered the room
in time to witness my cascade of tears.

“I never fought for anything, sis.” – I sobbed.

“Don’t quit yet. You have life to try again.”


I then believed in an uncertainty,
burying my skepticism with the profane angel.
I still won’t talk to a god
because there are people with flaws
who would understand me better,
and everyone but him/it
made mistakes and grew back again.
And if these overused Hollywood phrases
meant to touch hearts and fade out
fail in leaving a moral for life,
I think –

“Funny thing.”
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