You ever write any songs and put them into a program such as Guitar Pro and Power Tab then forget about them and a year later you are browsing through your files and find all the songs you wrote and decide to take a look at them because hey they're your songs? I've done this recently and all I thought was "wow! I can't believe i thought I was cool. I really have gotten better over the years". you guys ever do that. Take a look back at where you were and being where you are now you call yourself a noob. LOL Rock on guys, we all sucked at one point, except you rock gods out there.
I made more recordings than Guitar Pro files in my early days. About 98% of them were ****, and the other 2% were ruined by the fact that they were being played through a Spider III
Yes, I always do. Sometimes I take bits and pieces from the crap and save them.
My computer crashes too many times for me to be able to look back at stuff like that. I've lost many "quality" lyrics that way... still upset about that ice cream song...
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Sorry, but that's not nostalgia.
i never lost anything i wrote, i still have my very first notebook with all the crossed out words and chords and all....but im a much, much better player now and im not afraid to admit its mostly because of this site
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Im pretty sure ive never sucked. Ever.

... well maybe like 8 years ago...
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have you guys ever gone into a thread about nostalgia only to find out it is not about nostalgia.

though TS, I see your point and I have had the same experience. Right now I'm trying to take this complex chord layout before and trying to lay decent guitar riffs over them, but it seems near impossible to actually sounding good. I'm considering ditching it and just keep writing new songs.
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I never thought I'd feel nostalgic because I never have, but it hit me hard today

Edit: dude that is most definetely not nostalgia
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