So I have a build in mind (dont want to give away too many details yet.) I will say this, it is going to be a bass. A 5 string bass that from a distance will look like it's 6 stringed cousin. The problem is, I'm having trouble locating a certain style of pickup and it seems my only option is to have one custom made. I've sent e-mails to WB and Curtis Novak pickups. Was wondering if you guys had recommendations of custom pickup builders or if any custom winders on UG could use the business.
Phil Timpson, a user who goes by the name of nuthinbuttrubl8, makes wonderful pickups, a pair of which I own. Other business in life has him very busy, so he may be unavailable.

Another user by the name of CorderoyEU (I may be wrong on the spelling) winds excellent pickups as well.
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Support your local luthier!

Timpson Guitars and TDM Pickups rock ;D

I make guitars and pickups. I also make sh*t that'll blow you the f*k up as well as things that will rebuild you - I have the technology