So I have a Crate V18 212, and I want to retube it, and put new speakers in. It's got 3 12AX7's in the preamp and 2 EL84's in the power amp. What tubes/speakers should I get to get a cleaner, brighter sound?
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Speaker Swap

I would estimate that about 50% of the muddiness inherent in Valveking amps is caused by the stock speaker. Seriously, I wouldn’t use this in my crappy squier amplifier that I got in my starter set. By replacing this speaker, the muddiness goes away for the most part, leaving a clear and manageable tone that can be controlled by the onboard EQ with much more ease. Some popular speakers are:

>Celestion Vintage 30: A very middy speaker that creates a lot of clarity on the lead channel and makes for a slightly gritty clean channel. Ideal for metal and heavier styles.
>A more budget version of the Vintage 30 is the Warehouse 30 (found at www.warehousespeakers.com)

>Celestion G12T-75: More upper mids and a deeper low end make this speaker ideal for classic rock and mod rock styles.

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G12t-75's can be quite fizzy on the top end try to avoid them if you can. Great for British voicings, not American voicings.

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Classic lead 80's are a great lead speaker if you like the dynamics of a Vintage 30 its really close in characteristics but has more of a lead role. So if your a lead player and like the Vintage 30 tone this is a great option.

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"This is very subjective, of course, but I hope I can help. The Tonker or Tonkerlite are great considerations for a Peavey amp and for the versatility you require for this application. They are both very balanced, punchy, warm, smooth and clean with nice top end presence and good low end definition. The Tonkerlite is a neodymium (lightweight magnet design) and is brighter and more tight rather than fat compared to the Tonker.

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>Eminence Man O War

Very Loud Speaker. Big Volume jump from the VK stock speaker.
Great Clean tone. Really articulate with some sparkle. Brightens up the clean channel a lot.
With the bright switch off, the clean channel is as bright as the stock speaker with the bright switch on.
Very Chunky and tight rhythm tone without the muddiness of the stock speaker, really agressive sounding with out being harsh.
Chords are very crunchy without being too trebley. Artificial Harmonics absolutely scream.
Lead Tone is very clear and smooth with enough mids for your leads to really sing without the mid spike some speakers have. Each note really stands out.
Lower gain satriani type tones sound great as well as high gain tones. Very Very versatile speaker.
Probably not the best for blues or classic rock. But for hard rock and metal with great cleans it's perfect. And if you dabble in other genres you won't be hurt by choosing this speaker.

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Oh and for anyone with impedance questions i saw a few people asking, The vk 212 runs at 8ohms alone, if u add a cabinet u need to add a 8 ohm cabinet and set the head to 4 ohms, as you have 2 8ohms enclosers, if you want to use two other cabinets or a cabinet that is 4 or 16 ohms, u need to unplug the 2 internal speakers and set the impeadance accordingly

1 x 4 ohm cabinet = 4 ohm impeadance
2 x 4 ohm cabinets = 2 ohm impeadance
(2 ohm settings is ussualy not an option so dont buy 2 4ohm cabs)

1x 8 ohms cab = 8ohm impedance
2x 8 ohms cab = 4 ohm impedance

1x 16 ohms cab = 16 ohms impedance
2x 16 ohms cab = 8 ohms impedance

Dont mix them its not healthy for your head and can cause damage on top of sounding ****y, I learned this the hard way

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So, for the 8 ohm cabs, (8*8)/(8+8)=64/16=4 ohms.

8 Ohms in Series/Parallel, 16 in series, 4 in parallel

From Peavey.com on 212

Go to the back of the amplifier and read labels on the speakers.
Typically a 212 will have two 8 ohm speakers for a 16 ohm total.

Write back with the ohm rating..........

Part Two--

If your amp is built as a 16 ohm 2X12 you will want to use a 16 ohm 4X12.
When running two 16 ohm cabinets amp should be set at 8 ohms.
When running two 8 ohm cabinets amp should be set at 4 ohms.

If your 212 combo amp is 16 ohms and the 412 cabinet is 8 ohms you will not get equal performance.

I need people to add more reviews for speakers so please PM or post in this thread to add them

(Preamp) Valve Swap

Although I do not advocate replacing the valves until they need to be, a lot of users (such as Mike.H) found that they improved the tone somewhat. Some popular valve combinations are:

>JJ12AX7s: Add clarity and more bass response.

>TungSol12AX7s: Add a tiny bit more gain, and again more clarity + treble

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>Put a 12AT7 in V3. (closest to the tubes on the 112) You get more clairity and dynamics. There's still plenty of gain left.

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I would check and see what tubes came stock in it. JJ's and Tung Sols are you best options. If you have Rubys or EHX you might want to change them.