I'm going to get my new Ibanez S670PB professionally set up soon, and I was wondering, can I ask them to put new strings on it, or is that considered a newby thing to do? I can't change strings on a Floyd to save my life, and I sweat alot, so I would buy some Elixirs for them to put on.

Can I do that?
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it might cost extra. why cant u do it (not trying to be mean, im asking what dont u get about it)? all u have to do is clip off the end, slide into the saddle, tighten, put it through the locking nut, then on to the tuning head. do it one string at a time. look up on youtube or google how to do it.

if they dont charge extra then let them do it, but chances are ull need to change strings before u need another setup.
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should be part of the setup, is a string change along with all they do. string change is part of the setups i get on my jackson. so it's all good
String change is not always part of a set up. Usually up the to man setting up. If strings look old they will replace, if not they won't

If you deff want them changed thell him that when you bring your guitar in to be set up. The set up he does will depend on the string guage and tension, so its better to have set up done with new strings....IMO
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