Hey guys. Here's whats up, I'm stationed at in "undisclosed" location in S. Korea in the US Army at the moment, and theres really nothing up here for supplies. Im looking basically for like a used good guitar because im going stir crazy here! I have a vintage Jackson Rhoads and a '60 LP but I dont want to ship them here.

So anything is worth posting here- trust me lol. Road-worn, modded, whatever you got. Just post away guys I really appreciate it. My price range isnt anything crazy, maybe like $400 is all I really want to go at the total max.
Ibanez ARX 140, It's a pretty solid heavy rock guitar. I'd want $225 + shipping.
Pm me if your interested?

Proco Turbo RAT
Boss RE-20

Fender Blues Junior
i got a jackson stealth xl w/hsc. pm me if youre interested. thnx