ok so here's the deal. im 18 and roughly 130 kilos. i want to get in shape but not over the top like body building stuff just want to get fit. i would like food help and exercise help

thanks in advance!
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body building thread
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i'm 15 and i weight 140, and i'm 6 foot, how skinny are you? eat protein shakes and get a gym membership, simple as that
I'd suggest, eat only when you're hungry (Not like bored hungry, but hungry hungry), drink a lot of water, walk about 3km a day, try and eat healthier food, not talking like pure fruit and veggies, but just something decent, and if you're gonna work out, do 1 block of working out of a certain muscle group, like until you can't go any more, then do other muscle groups or whatever. Then, when you're finished, eat something sustaining with alot of natural carbs, like bread or pasta.

That's what I've been doing for like the last 3 or so weeks, lost about 5kg =D
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im not that thin. i have a large gut and moobs. i got a gym membership but besides that are there any other things i can do?
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i'm 15 and i weight 140, and i'm 6 foot, how skinny are you? eat protein shakes and get a gym membership, simple as that

Well there's a bit more to protein shakes and gym memberships to getting fit. In fact I believe that proper diet plays a major role in becoming fit and an overall healthy person.

To the TS its probably best to go to that thread for great advice.
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Just eat whatever and work out a little. It's not rocket science, though if you get hard just reading about it, www.google.com will surely help you find something relevant.
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I'm not suggesting you cut out carbs at all. But, maybe look into gluten free options because it is very healthy, gives you energy, and makes you feel great. I have Celiac, so when my friends eat with me, I give them brown rice pasta or whatever else I might have, and though they don't have Celiac, they all seem to really enjoy it and feel energized.

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