Some of you remember the other pop/rock song I made.

well here's the next one I said I post.. BTW I posted the last one over 2 months ago.. damn site banned me..


here it is.

It's a pretty rough copy, but any criticism will help

It's a pretty generic Pop/Rock song too not trying to do anything fancy at all.. so yeah


EDIT: I added the song I posted a while ago because it's not in the forums anymore.. The old one is titled "This"
Happy_ Fuck.gp4
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if you added a vocal melody in it would be a bit more interesting to listen to, but i'll crit a bit later
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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A lot of nice sounds in there. Agreed, you have to add a vocal melody. I would listen to this if the vocals were solid.

I didn't like the octaves used from bar 109. It feels like you didn't really put thought into it. Feels out of place.