Sorry it's a noob question.

I have 2 guitars: Squire Strat, and a Greco guitar.

I can bend the strat a lot better/easier than the greco.

Is there any piece or something I can buy to make bending on the Greco easier?

Once again, I know this is probably a noob question.
greco lp style?

probably the greco has a fatter neck which makes it more challenging to bend, getting used to it and dont stop bending my guess
Just practice and get better at bending.
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makes it easier on the dropped D string, unless he means D standard in which case all strings are 2 semitones lower, meaning the strings aren't as tense thus easier to bend.
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Its probably just due to a difference in frets/neck, taller frets are a lot easier to bend.
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just keep bending, what I did at first was plugin my guitar to a tuner so whenever I bent the strings I was bending in tune, then that way you build the strenght and get used to bedning in tune
I can bend perfectly on the Squire.

Even on the Greco, I can do a decent bend, but I just realized, when bending on the Greco, I sometimes hit the string above. I think the bridge might have something to do with it, because my current bridge doesn't allow the strings to move too freely, causing me to hit the string above the string I'm bending.

I can't really explain it well, but I think I'll search for a new bridge, I saw a few cheap ones.
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How does Drop D tuning make bending easier?

I'm very interested in the answer to this question as well, being that you only tune down the low "E" string.

I agree with the guy who mentioned the differences in the necks, just practice with the other guitar and it'll get better as you go.
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At first I'd suggest tuning to Eb and learning a lot of Guns N' Roses or any other guitarist that's heavy on using bends.
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