Can someone recommend me a good online store that sells Ruby Tube EL34's or a place in Perth that does?

I need to replace the Ruby EL34's in my amp and can't actually find anywhere to buy them from.

I could just go some JJ tubes or whatever and take it in to get rebiased professionally cos I don't want to bias it myself, but leave that a second option.

And I did look around for about 30mins for a thread in relation to this and didn't find one so I cbf'd looking anymore.
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Ruby tubes are not the greatest, JJ are hard to beat for value and tone, and IMO I yet to find power tubes that I like more that are being produce currently. Your amp has a bias pot on the rear panel and proabably some test points. I highly doubt that you would have any trouble biasing yourself if you have a multi-meter, with your amp its a very safe process since you don't have to tare the amp down. Look at the bias videos on eurotubes.com
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