bands/artists that didn't get the publicity they deserved:

wes cunningham (a little pop for you metalheads)
brendan benson

say what kind of music they make so that people will know what they're gonna check out
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longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
Honestly I'll post a response, but its not like people care or will bother to check any of the stuff you post out.

The Dear Hunter.
Youtube covers

I don't see why the need publicity. As long as they're making music that you enjoy, who cares if they're famous rock stars or just four guys in their garage?
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Honestly I'll post a response, but its not like people care or will bother to check any of the stuff you post out.

The Dear Hunter.

I actually check out a lot of the stuff that gets mentioned in these kind of threads, and I'm about to look up The Dear Hunter
Ours, Jeff Buckley, Dredg, and Neverending White Lights to name a few.
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There a LOT of good bands who need more exposure. So I'll just add whatever I'm listening atm.

Wax Tailor
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check them out on myspace
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House Vs. Hurricane
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The Joy Formidable

+ ∞

Bestest band ever....

After Johnny Foreigner, of course...

Dream theater should be bigger than Metallica
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RX Bandits deserve to be 100 times as known as they are now, despite the fact that they really don't want to be famous.
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I agree with TS on Brendan Benson. He's brilliant. I've shown him to loadsa people and most of them really like him, it's just a case of him not getting the publicity other people get, although he's been helped by being in the Racs.
Also, while Deftones are pretty popular, they need more press. Alternatively, they just need to hurry the fuck up recording Eros.

They seem to get the big shows but no-one listens to them. They are AMAZING. The vocal section lost a lot when Andreas left but they are still great. Progressive Symphonic Melodic Death/Thrash is the best way I can think of to describe them.
Forgotten Tomb
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Sonic Boom Six

Ah, good man! Bigger than Punk Rock is the catchiest fucking tune ever.
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The Long Winters
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I recommend everyone to get the album Gutter Ballet. They are incredibly talented!

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I wouldn't call them underrated, more .....forgotten. It's a shame too, they were truly a great band.

But I say Buckethead. He's done literally everything with the guitar. When he wants to shred, he can outshred Yngwie. When he wants to play with emotion, he's on par with Clapton.

And I always felt that Judas Priest is never appreciated as much as they should be.
Chinese Democracy is a great album, people need to get over Slash.

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