Great quality on the acoustic recording quality as per usual. You have a very relaxing style of writing in the two acoustic pieces I've heard. The music works well by itself as a relaxing bit of background music. I'd give some constructive criticism but it would either be nitpicking or suggesting some sort stylistic change to make it closer to my ideal song, which is unfair and nitpicking anyway. Great job.
This is very nice. The guitar work (especially lead) is very nice. And the recording quality is very good as well. What are you using to record?

Well, everyone else said it; it's relaxing, and one of the better acoustic pieces I've heard in a long time. Really.
Sign in a label. Get a good singer, but keep instrumentals too. Make an album.
I'll buy it, for sure.
I'm getting a kind of joe satriani vibe with your stuff. I honestly wouldn't mess with any of it. Meat and Y show what you can do with overdrive- very interesting, semi heavy riffs with a nice groove, and strange thing has a beautiful clean tone and relaxing melodies. I'd run with your style if i were you, it works fantastic.
nice, the accoustic tone is really nice. yeh i agree too, reminds me of joe satriani, but not so weirded out, this is more of a pretty style. amazing quality too. make it a bit longer?
VERY, VERY good. If I have anything bad to say, it's that it was a bit bassy, maybe that's on my end, though..

This would totally work in a movie or something, or add singing and it could be on the radio (You know how the radio is :P).

You could try singing, I want to see how well someone who can compose something as nice as this can sing. Haha..

I just wrote a new song, too... here it is: