I kinda feel bad asking for this kind of help but could not find nothing specifically about it, and im a begginer on this area.

So i got myself an Gibson Les paul studio about a year and a half ago, dont know if it was the right decision but anyways. A month after i bought it i stopped playing it for almost over a year due to college. I finally managed to get it back and when i went to play it with its original strings it sounded completely crap, out of tune, buzzing and with awful intonation. So i bought a .10 - 46 strings for it but after i put the high E string, the problems persists. I have not yet placed all strings, I know you can move and adjust the hight of the bridge, the other bridge with its movable thingys for the intonation and the truss road. The thing is i have no clue at all on what will be an adequate setting, the measures and what to look for.

Please give me some guidance about it if possible. It will be hard for myself to adjust the truss road cause i never done it before and dont have an allen rose. If possible maybe fix the problem with just adjusting the bridge's hights? If your asking what would i want the setting for things i would play, it il be mostly to start and get into learning soloing.

thank you
Get it professionally setup.
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Quote by random_B-RAD
Get it professionally setup.

Or you could take the time to ask the Oracle (google).

Does anybody here remember Google?
I tried google, but just find some videos on how to adjust each component individually which helped a little. It just that to know the right levels of each component in relation to the others is what has me confused, if its to hard then i guess ill have send it to someone to do it right.
But its going to hurt my wallet from where im from, especially since ive been saving for a good amp
adjusting the truss rod isn't hard look down the neck from both the bridge and headstock perspective and notice if it curves. If your neck bows you need to adjust the truss, if not your set. Unless you got fleeced, your LP should have come with a small multi-tool (generally found in the case compartment with the certificate of authenticity). Use the wrench to turn the truss rod, while keeping an eye on which way the wood is bending.

Adjusting the height on your bridge is strictly player preference. Raising them up a bit will eliminate some string buzz, but will also make it more strenuous on your fingers (not good for soloing). So IMO raise the bridge sparingly