All these pedals are in full working order. Payment by posted cheque, I have several mentions in the good traders' thread.

1. Yamaha CH10-M2. £30
This is a long discontinued chorus pedal, fully analogue, with speed and depth knobs, and a stereo output. It sounds fantastic on the clean channel, not so great distorted, but for the price it's pretty damn great sounding. The case is pretty battered, but pedal works fine.

2. Dunlop GCB80. £45
Standard volume pedal. Can be used in the loop or in the signal chain to achieve different sounds. Doesn't require a battery, one small scratch underneath, otherwise cosmetically fine. Works perfectly.

3. Vox V847a. £50
I'm the second owner of this pedal. It worked fine for me, but it's not really the sort of wah I'm going for. Seems to work fine, but I haven't compared it to any new ones. Cosmetically fine, but could do with a good clean inside.

For anymore info, please ask. Will consider all offers and trades. Prices include postage.