so i've been customising an old guitar and i want to get new pick ups for it but i dont know much about pick ups and whatnot.
i play mostly death/melodeath/techdeath metal, bodom/arch enemy style riffs, prog/classical style cleans and varying solo types, usually fast legato, sweeps and tapping with some divebombs.
i also use a lot of pinched and natural harmonics.

i need a bridge, middle and neck pick up and my price range is around £300
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How about starting by telling us what kind of sound you want...you haven't mentioned that at all.
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sorry, I just have to correct you. everyone who plays any instrument used natural harmonics; natural harmonics are "normal" notes. Pinch harmonics and chimes are called artificial harmonics.

as far as pickups go, I personally like Duncans. I however just dropped some new pups into my epi les paul from guitarfetish.com. Its factory direct, so they're cheap, pretty good pickups too. I don't know if they ship to the UK though.
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oh sorry, its HSH and i want something that can give me smooth sounds for solos so that the sweeps and stuff flow nicely and something heavy for the bridge for riffs and the middle doesnt bother me much, i dont use it a lot but if i do its mainly for blues stuff when i'm practising.
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Yes I AM jealous.

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