Yesterday was my 21st birthday . Thank you all - i returned happily many times.

What did i do?

I lost my fcukin phone. What is worse is that i have just moved in to a new house -

I have no computer/internet (currently in interent cafe , i miiseed u all)
I now have no phone
No landline
Minimal clothes
No friends (i am the first to move in)


no money
i have no gf although that is not relevant
no abilty to spell or type propporly (neither is that)


What shall i do? Shall i take to the streets now?

If you are in two midsa bout posting. dont. i probably wont read this i am just about to leave and sit outside a cash point.
That's a good fucking birthday party.

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


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I once had a birthday
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Sell the house and buy a phone.
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I once had a birthday

théy're supposed to come once a year
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banned cause im fine because of your avatar! it blasts happyness everytime i see it!!

definitly the best avatar ever I=Cookie

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Sell EVERYTHING, buy at least 1 guitar and amp, play on the street for cash. Don't stop til you can play better than Van Halen. Then, get a record deal and get some decent gigs, work your way to the top, then you should have a happy birthday.
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Sell the house and buy a phone.

...use the phone to call up landlord (if renting) and complain that one of your housemates seems to have sold the house. The result should be that you end up with a house and phone, a housemate ends up getting convicted. Win for all.
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I once had a birthday

Pics or it didn't happen.