I've got a Whammy Blender created by Napalm Pedals that i'm looking to sell for £30 (New RRP is £64.99) with free UK p&p. It's a nifty little thing that i've never really got around to using too much, and essentially it's a signal blender which is designed to be ideal for use with a Digitech Whammy wet and dry outputs, blend them together, and allows you to adjust the ratio between the two, and then continue to your amp or next effects unit.

I was hoping to get around to experimenting with it a bit more, such as seeing how blending two distortion tones together would sound, or routing 2 separated signals (such as the Whammy's separate wet and dry signals) through different effects before blending them back together.

Click here to see a picture.

If anyone is interested, or has any questions, feel free to leave a comment or email me at ptr362@hotmail.co.uk

Anyway, as these are handmade by Napalm Pedals and many people will probably not of heard of them, here's some info taken from their own product description:

"Napalm Pedals are Handmade Loopers & Routers, Built with the Highest Quality Components; They Feature True Bypass Switching, Point to Point Wiring, Ultra Bright LED’s, & Chunky Knobs. They’re Hand Painted and Boxed with Battery & Instructions.
Napalm Whammy Blender – Wet/Dry Blender (for Digitech Whammy)

The Napalm Whammy Blender blends the Digitech whammys ‘dry’ & ‘wet’ outputs together, Allowing much more flexibility and versatility.

The 'Digitech Whammy' combined with the 'Napalm Whammy Blender' is by far the most versatile pitch shifter/octaver with full control over the dry/wet blend, not to mention all the crazy FX that can be created.

Connection Instructions
Plug the ‘wet’ & ‘dry’ outputs of the 'Digitech Whammy' into the ‘wet’ & ‘dry’ inputs of the ‘Napalm Whammy Blender’,
Plug your amp (or input of your next effect) into the ‘out’ of the ‘Napalm whammy Blender’.

When the switch is ‘down’ the blend knob is engaged,
When the switch is ‘up’ the blend knob is bypassed & the whammy will act as it normally does."