I'm looking for a metal amp for gigging and I'm definitely considering this. Haven't had the chance to play one yet so I'm looking for some feedback on the quality.

I'm not after sparkling cleans, I basically just want an amp that'll give me great metal tone and can passably handle hard rock.
The G3 series are pretty decent and sounds good.

they're kind of underrated IMO
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They sound utterly awesome until you crank them hard and then they become sizzly and unruly. They aren't as loud as what you may think from reading the specs but they are pretty loud. No good pushed tones but a very usable clean and killer gain on the other channels. Buckets full of bottom end depending on what cab you play it thru. If you get the D model, it is packed full of surprisingly good effects.
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depends on if you are mic'ed. I had trouble getting the one I borrowed to cut thru the mix even with all that power.(I'm good friends with a Randall dealer and he loans me gear to critique sometimes) At low volume to like a very loud shout,(10 'oclock) it has all kinds of character, very tube sounding and tight but louder and it got loose and boomy and the high end was like fingernails on a chalkboard. And if you turn it up past 12'oclock, it poops and starts cutting off. I have the RH150D version and I call it my 150 watt practice amp. But you actually could gig with it. And they are a steal used. (usually under $200usd for the 150watter)

*edit* for a Hybrid amp they are freakin' NOISY! A good gate is a must if your pups are even slightly hot.
7 string Legion 7 > 6 Do mosh pits warm your heart? Then become a SECOND RATE CITIZEN.....better than the worst!
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would a peavey 6505+ be a better idea, im mostly playing -core stuff at the moment cos the local scene is very core oriented so i want something that can handle that br00t4l sound but still work for proper metal.
6505+ would be just what you're looking for!

i've heard good things about randall SS's but i don't know anything about them at high volumes... as 'mictheslut' said he didn't have a good experience with them at high volumes... but again if you are playing gigs mic'd up its usually good to keep a lower volume anyways and very rarely do you need to 'crank' anything.