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i had my hss strat up on craigslist for a while. a guy wants to trade his epi dot studio for mine. i dont like my strat much.

He really needs one so i thought i could get more out of him, i could. Hes now offered the dot studio, a fender frontman15r, and a digitech rp-1.

I would probably sell the digitech and frontman, and try to buy new pickups. How much could i get for those ya think?

But is the dot good for what i play? I almost always am distorted. On my vox valvetronix most the time its on the jcm800 settings, to give you an idea. so like acdc, guns, and aerosmith style stuff

Do i trade or not?
I'd say go for it. If you want something different than a strat, that is a pretty big contrast. You will be fine playing it for those styles, look at Ted Nugent, and Dave Grohl for that matter, both semi-hollows. Also, dot studios are great guitars, I played a few in guitar center and really liked them. PLus the worn cherry is sexy ad hell.
That amp and pedal he offered you are basically worthless as far as resale goes. And i like strats, so i wouldnt trade.