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everything is modal


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No it doesn't have to change modes to be modal.
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everything is modal

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modal music is modal, non modal music is non modal. where did you get the idea that everything is modal?
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So i read a lot on here 'this isnt model' 'you are wrong about this being model'

Does something have to CHANGE modes to be considered modal. For example i thought Bulerias and a lot of flamenco was in Phrygian?


Something's modal if the harmony makes the melody resolve to the root of a mode.
Because most modes are unstable, you have to carefully choose which chords you use so that for example D dorian doesnt resolve to C, making it C major and therefore not modal. You can achieve this by denying the chords with C in them and picking chords which contain the modal tone, in dorian that's the 6 (in D dorian B instead of Bb).
^ thank you

on another note, modes being unstable are generally best left to 1 or 2 chord (or 3 chords in some cases) vamps to imply modality. once you start using too many chords it beings implying a different key than the mode you're aiming for.