Hey guys

Looking at buying a Behringer Guitar Link to plug my guitar into my laptop.

I already have a copy of IK Amplitube on my laptop (http://www.dv247.com/computer-music-software/ik-multimedia-amplitube-2--32946), for my sound settings.

Now I'm excited at the prospect of playing my guitar through my 200w HIFI speakers (should be pretty loud), and it should save me a lot of money in comparison to buying a new 120w amp.

I'm just putting this question up to find out whether this combination would sound good? Is the Behringer Guitar Link good enough for doing just this (I don't need to buy software, so thats why I'm choosing the link over the Line6 pod). Will the guitar tone actually sound good with the Amplitube software through the speakers?

Thanks alot
The guitar through the laptop idea is alright and fun, if you're travelling and playing at low volumes. However, if you're going for loud, nothing will ever sound as good as a tube amp : ) No point in putting the guitar for ridiculous volumes just because it's loud.
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Yeah true. However, at the moment I'm not happy with the sounds I am getting from my Cube 15x, so 'loudness' isn't so much the thing.. I'm hoping that the combo of the Amplitube software and the speakers will give me a much fuller tone and more versatility in terms of amplification settings. In fact, I won't be playing too loud as I'm living on campus, but it will be fun to crank it up once in a while.

As far as a tube amp is concerned, I simply don't have the money. If I gig, I normally always use other peoples equipment.
it will sound good, as long as the bass isn't too boomy, that's what i did on campust last week, but with line 6 pod farm with all the plugins, i broght my amp this week though haha..
If you are going to use an amp sim, with cabinet, speaker and mic simulations, than hifi speakers, a pa system, acoustic amp or studio monitors is a good way to go. You end up getting a full range signal by the time all the cabinet and mic sim'ing is done, so I find hifi speakers work great. I tried Guitar Rig through my various little SS amps, and my 80W bass cab, and it sounded like crap through all of them. Through my Cerwin Vega's, it's a million times better.
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Yeah, it will work great for playing in the campus.

Good luck, man.
"...I cried. Just for a second. Then I thought, 'I must rock.' "
- James Iha

Rock on y'all!