That i've gotten myself an RG321 (yeah well i kinda swore that i won't be starting electric again until after 16..i'm 15...but well, birthday is just round the corner...and its going to be 09/09/09 so i have the guts to ASK!) (yeah..my sig is old...i sold my S470 and got an acoustic...so i only have acoustic guitars now)

Anyways...they don't sell RG321s in natural here in Singapore...so i plan to do some paint stripping and tung-oiling..but i need some help..

I plan to strip it down with chemicals...i've read all the info found in this section. Good stuff...but when i have the bare hog, i want to do some 'engraving' or 'burning' with a soldering iron..i want to do some engraving of symbols all along the sides of the guitar like typical binding...

1) Will i get a good result?
2) Is it alright to do such engraving on hog with a soldering iron? ( i saw how they did it in my school...and i simply love the effect..not on mahog of course...)
3) Any tips on how to do it? Steps?

And after doing the engraving, would coats of tung oil be suffice? Because a luthier recommended a clear coat, which i no doubt agree...but i want that open grain finish...And besides, itll cost a whole lot of moolahs to get a clear coat done by a professional, which just sucks...and i don't trust myself to do the coating myself..

Oh yeah...and i can't get my hands on tru-oil here in Singapore...can't get them over the net too cause i'm too young and can't be bothered...hmmm..

What do you guys think? help!
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well, im not sure about chemicals as ive not used them before, but sanding is easy, and i dont think its posible to die from it (chemicals =bad for your health :/ )

and im not sure if a soldering iron would work, maybe if its a realy hot one...

and and the "open grain" might not be so open once the guitar has been painted and such, the wood is sealed (i think) and for all the guitars ive sanded, the grain doesnt/wont open, but it just makes for a smoother finish.

as for tung oil, yep it will work, might not be as thick as clear, but should work just as well.
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