Great job! It's obviously very different from the original, but I like the new style. The guitar sounded good Your voice did too It would sound better if you tried to make it more full and louder, but that just comes with practice I think.


Edit: Hey, I've seen you before! The c4c is a different song than the one you commented on before. Thanks!
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I think its great, but how'd you get a reverbish effect to your voice near the last minute? Was that from the room or did you add it in or what?

Maybe I"m just imagining things.
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Well I added reverb to the whole song, only very slightly, i'll have to listen back, but my guess is that something changed in the room, or maybe I moved slight or something.
I like hearing songs rearranged or played in a new style... I was wondering what you would do with that one vocally... good job!

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i enjoyed that alot dude
that was great!

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Thanks very much everyone

It's really boosted my confidence hearing all this positive feedback!
Enjoyed, a hint of morrisey in your style imo

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very good, nice interpretation
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