Hey guys, I just found a old video of the first english dub Digimon Movie and gawd, gave me good memories of me in child hood . I was wondering if anyone can TAB these songs? Cant believe these people dont actually have a "Band".




Thanks guys
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Those digimon look cooler than the first generation ones...in some sort of coolyetlessthreatening kind of way.
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These are the first generation O.O. The newer ones look ugly and ruined the purpose of Digimon XD from what I've read. Purpose=to show pokemon is awful :S.

Anyways, I wish someone can TAB atleast one of those music . I've tried myself but I'm still learning a lot.
I forgot just how much I loved that movie and those songs. I'll probably do Run Around... right after I find and watch it again of course.

Do you want it as text or guitar pro?
I unfourtnately dont have guitar pro :l and Thanks a lot for taking this up, I really mean it . Text would be fine and thanks again XD.

EDIT: Actually, I never used guitar pro, would the demo version will work after you tab the song? I heard a lot of good things about the program. Oh and which version?

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I think the only limitation on the demo is a 15 day trial so there shouldn't be any problems. You can get the latest version from their website or you could download Tuxguitar. It's free and can import GP files.

Here's the GP version but if you still want the text I'll work on it.
Run Around.gp4
Lol, thx Btw how long did this take you or did you do something else? If you could do the other two that would be GREAT but you dont have to cause this is still great *2 thumbs up*. THANKKKKKSSS xD
It took about a couple of hours. If I get time I'll give the other two a go but if anyone else wants to do them then feel free.
Bump lol, I just finished watching the first 2 season which are the best, the other seasons are awful
Sorry for so many bumps, it's just that these songs are incredible and reminds me a lot of my childhood (y). The problem is that I can't TAB the songs by myself as I'm still learning the theory and how everything works. (I can play well and have no problems playing the song that OZone has posted for me).

Thanks a lot guys again