I'm selling my MG cabs (I'm putting the stock speakers back in first). I'm looking for a stereo cabinet. Straight 4x12. Looking to spend around $500 USD used. I've been looking for Marshall 1960's on CL but haven't found any yet. Any others I should keep an eye out for?

300 watts+ handling. Ohms not an issue.
Your idea is probably best...Marshall 1960, will work for your price, handles the power and is stereo. It does everything pretty well
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I figured so. Just curious if there were any others I should watch out for.

Your in US so isn't there a company called Avatar or something who make cheap cabs? I'm not sure.
Yeah I've considered Avatar in the past, a bit too much for me right now. I only have a little bit of cash besides what the MGs and extra speakers will sell for.