I've got a crate FW series combo guitar amp.
I have been playing for a while now and I'm looking fr some bigger amp.
And a searched the pages of music stores and I saw the Bugera 412 amp cabinet.
I was wondering if I maybe could use my crate FW as a head for the bugera cabinet.
Now, my questions are:
Will it work?
Will it sound ok?
Will it sound just like my crate FW (but louder) or will it sound heavier (or lighter but i doubt that :p)?
It will not be any louder. It will be more percussive, but not louder. It is pretty pointless, you'd be adding a mediocre cab to a pretty mediocre head... Not gonna do a whole lot for your tone, at least good.
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Just get a new head and cab dude.
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It will add some volume, but the difference is hardly noticeable (I'm serious, you probably won't notice a difference in volume). From what I've gathered the Bugera cab is not that great, you'd probably be better off saving for a better amp.
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you can rig that up if you REALLY wanted to as long as the amp has a 8 or 16 ohm speaker out, or what ever the amps impedence is....but you would be better off getting a new amp.

that setup would make everything seem louder, when its not. you will still be getting the same wattage as what the amp throws out, but becoming out of more speakers.
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It can work, but it won't be worth it. As tubetime said, why add a mediocre cab to an already mediocre (IMO awful) amp? It won't sound louder and it won't sound better. Sell your Crate and buy a decent amp.
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if you want a nicee cab look at the harley benton vintage g212 or g412
fitted with celestion v30s and the 2x12 is only £155

but personally i'd replace the head too