Red Jumpsuit Apparatus does alot of cool songs I know they have two albums

I have'nt listened to LONELY ROAD much but DONt YOU FAKE IT has really good songs here's the album list:

1. In Fate's Hands
2. Waiting
3. False Pretense
4. Face Down
5. Misery Love Its Company
6. Cat and Mouse
7. Damn Regret
8. Atrophy
9. Seventeen Ain't So Sweet
10. Justify
11. Your Guardian Angel
12. Grim Goodbye - (hidden track)

Look them up they're pretty good

they also have the lonely road but I dont really listen to it:

1. You Better Pray
2. No Spell
3. Pen & Paper
4. Represent
5. Pull Me Back
6. Step Right Up
7. Believe
8. Pleads and Postcards
9. Lonely Road
10. Senioritis
11. Godspeed
Pretty awful.
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