Need help on this one, I am looking for a tube combo amp, my budget is around £1000, i will be playing metalcore style stuff with my band and am looking for a modern sound, but the generic modern metal tone (not a massive fan of scooped mids, i like a more cuting tone). I am looking at the ENGL thunder 50 combo, has any one got any ideas of other good amps that will give me the sound i want, within my price range?
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another ENGL option would be the Screamer 50, a personal favorite amp of mine. The Orange Rockerverb 50 combo sits just a little way over £1000 and could be a good choie,

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I was hoping to spend under a grand, the orange is a stretch too far unfortunately, would the ENGL thunder give me the sound i want? i would be happy to get an amp i could boost with a od pedal to get the sound i want.
You could checkout the Blackstar Series 0ne 45W, been getting some really good reviews & has some good features, £900 but you would need a OD to get a metalcore sound from it.
Yeah, the Blackstar looks good. You could look at the Peavey combo's? 5150/6505? (or whichever ones they are?)