Hi there, the reason I made this thread is because I never thought I would been in the position to be buying solid state again, but I moved to an apartment and need the reliability, compact size, and affordability they offer. I currently play a Randall RM50 loaded with high gain modules, and I play shred, metal, and hard rock almost exclusively. If the amp has a little less to offer than metal, I'll boost and tighten it with an OD, so no worries there. I don't plan on selling/replacing my Randall per se, but I would like something smaller for my room since I can barely even turn that amp on without upsetting my neighbors.

The reason I ask for recommendations is because it's been a long time since I searched for a small solid state, and I'm sure things/brands/models have changed since the last time I was looking...

I'm looking for a small and lightweight solid state amp that's built around a 1x12", with 50 watts power at a minimum. I don't want any on-board effects other than revered if they can be avoided, and it must have a series effects loop. I'm also looking to keep things under $400 or so, since I'll only be using the amp for a year or so.

So tell me, what's risen to prominence in the world of small SS since the last time I cared??
Peavey Bandit.
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Peavy Vypyr, line flextone, Theres always Line 6 pod to headphones or speakers.
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you could get a THD hotplate attenuator for your randall. keep using that awesome tone at lower volumes.

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Any more suggestions? Thanks for the ones already mentioned. Also, if any of you guys know where I can buy one of the old Hughes & Kettner Edition Blue 60R amps, I would close this thread stat. I loved that little dude, but they stopped making them a while ago, and you literally can't find them anywhere...not eBay, not hiding in over-stock style websites...nothing. That was my original thought when considering SS again, but I can't find the 60R anywhere, and I don't want any of the less powerful ones from that series because a) they're less powerful and b) they don't have effects loops.

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Ampeg VH140C

Bigger then he's after, but it's smaller siblings will meet the requirements.

Ampeg SS-35 or SS-70 will both giving you what you want OP.
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Marshall lead 12. if you can find one, buy it.

probably the best sounding SS amp i have ever played.

EDIT: whoops, scratch that.

you want only a 1X12 speaker? if you don't mind a second speaker, i'd suggest a Gibson lab L5 amp or a Roland Jazz Chorus.
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Roland Cube 60, but it doesnt have an Fx loop, but ive tested my cube60 head to head to a mesa boggie and the "rectifier" setting is pretty dam close

hear it live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9AMDh4SAU9k

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Buy an attenuator that has a headphone input.
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Check out the amps:

Ampeg (What was mentioned, VH140C, etc.)
Peavey Bandit or Vypyr
Line 6 Flextone (used)
Roland Cube's
Randall G3 Series
Line 6 HD147 (possible used)

There are others, like the Line 6 Vetta, and Axe-Fx Ultra, but they are out of your price range.
Ampeg VH70. It's the VH140C, but it lacks the chorus, drops the second speaker, and cuts the wattage in half.

srsly, there is one on ebay right now. BUY IT.