you just lost.

But i think there should be a thread to tell ur epic tales of losing the game and making other people lose the game.

my story:
I was at Crue Fest and they had these screens that you could display a message on, so i sent a text to the number it gave out and, keep in mind there was A LOT of people there watching the screens, my message showed up, it was beautiful seeing the words: The Game go across the screen.

so pit, how have you made people lose the game?? anything epic??
How can it be epic? You go "The Game" and everyone considers you a social retard until they forget it.



I was on a plane to Germany and I was speaking to my friend (who had just lost and made me lose too) when a man in front of us turned around and, with a German accent, said, "I've been playing the game...for twenty years!"

He was so pissed.
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