I warn you. If you only appreciate the dark progressive music, this place is not for you. There's too much light and sugar floating over here. Now if you can appreciate more "popish" Prog, venture in!

After using the search bar and being amazed by the fact that there's not a single thread on this beautiful band, I'm going to present Moon Safari to you.
Moon Safari is a band from Sweden formed in the year of 2003. Its style is Progressive Rock, being quite unique and special while paying homage to bands like Yes and The Flower Kings.
They have two albums from which I've heard only the latest one (sadly pirated, but I'm considering buying it. These guys need the cash).
What can I say about Blomljud, their last album published in 2008? It's... Flowerfull. A 1:43 hours epic which its main topic as you may have guessed, is flowers, and it has a very fantastic atmosphere. Featuring trippy oscillating keyboards with 5 voices choruses, a beautiful lead voice and amazing guitar, it's master piece.
Well, I don't have much left to say but to give you a preview of some of their songs.


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Nice to see some Prog without stupid-ass death metal vocals (which is much too common these days).
Brilliant! Cheers for the tip urik, I've ordered both albums on the strength of their few tunes on youtube!