So UG, I've been thinking about how when our band finally gets organised and we get a name (Still only in the planning stages ) we should probably use SNS to promote ourselves among our friends/social groups/school etc. but I'm having a debate with another member over what website to use, we're not sure whether to use myspace, facebook, twitter or all 3.

The advantages are obvious, many people use this for their bands and MP3s can be posted but the issue I have with it is it is getting very cliché and it seems a bit common imo.

A lot of people we know use facebook and it is a growing trend among the people of our school and friends, although we can't post MP3s we can link to them.

Short and sweet, we can let people know what we're up to at that time and place such as practice sessions, counting down to gigs etc.

All the above
The advantage of this is obvious, we'd have the widest of audiences we could probably get and could link them to eachother etc etc. but it's just keeping on top of them and updating etc.

Any opinions? Another option is to not use any but that wouldn't get us very far
All of the above.

It really wouldn't take THAT much work to manage, and it could help more than you know.
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Definately get a MySpace, the ability to host MP3's is invaluable to bands.
Getting a band Facebook also couldn't hurt, it requires little to no upkeep and any updates will definately been seen all your friends on their Walls, so do that.
Haven't used Twitter, but from what I can tell it's for mindless idiots who need to tell everyone everything, so I don't know what to do there.
Personally, I wouldn't want to fall into the whole Twitter thing. By creating one, you're pretty much saying you think people care what you're doing 24/7...and no one does. Myspace is an obvious answer because of the mp3 uploads, Facebook is pretty easy to, and definitely put a link in there to the myspace page. So ya, in conclusion, the only thing more stupid than people tweeting are bands tweeting.
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Twitter is actually becoming one of the most heated band networking sites. Tons of bands are getting attention from record labels through it.



But I'd suggest you get a small following first before you start using twitter.

And to the OP, do all of the above. Its not that hard to juggle both.