Hello fellow UG'ers once again.. This song was composed and recorded by me, the vocals are from my best friend and member of the band. It was recorded at my own studio.

This is one of the many songs that we plan on putting in an album (if we ever get signed).. However it needs more mixing but I just couldn't wait to show you people since I decided to come back to UG..

Take a look at my profile and listen to the song..

All kinds of comments and advice are welcome since you are the people who judge us after all..

Name of the song = Malicious Aggression

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Dude the song is amazing. I absolutly love it!
For me the best parts are the creapy intro/outro, breakdown before solo, and the solo with the faster rythm section.
Great job!

You just described the whole song xD

Hehe, thank you for the comment mate
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.
Awesome man, I really loved the intro, and then when it got heavier, well done.

I must admit the distortion was a bit tinny for my liking, and the singing isn't my kind of singing, but apart from that, amazing!

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Intro totally reminded me of Where Dead Angels Lie, but it wasn't a rip off, good stuff man, you're too talented not to get signed.
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