Looking 4 Metal/thrash/death(maybe) to play. Anyone Interested just send me a message. We want a singer who has a good range. A bassist with his own stuff, and a drummer with a kit. We play mostly E, drop d, drop c. Mostly higher tunings. We listen to a bunch of things, dont want to name all of em. Our rythm has a Dean flying v with a peavey bandit 112. I on the other hand have a B.C. Rich metal master warlock with a 15w crate. We getting a good amp very soon. Rythm has his own style of sweep/arpagios. And so do I. We make alot of weird things, but we are very serious and want good musicians. We love to make music and hangout and just chill and play or cover songs. But if anyone wants anymore info I will tell u. We are in the bristol tennessee area. We are still trying to find a space to play and jam to. Just message me and let me no if ur interested.
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